Interact MD 1910/1920 Newsletter N°2 Rotary year 2018/19


Dear Interactors, dear Rotary community!


What has happened in the past month?

News from various Interact Clubs in our District


The IAC Wien-Eins diligently assisted charity missionaries with cooking and serving warm meals for the homeless on November 10th. You can view the photos online. They will continue this project on weekends and welcome any volunteer who would like to join them! Just contact them via Facebook or send them an email (

The IAC Tuzla 99 wishes to organise a project regarding the issue of water , which is one of the favourite topics of our Districts governor, Ismael Sadek. If there is a Club that would like to join them please contact our Regional Representative BIH, Nadina Hadziselimovic´.

The IAC Graz organised their annual event “Weihnachten im Schuhkarton” (= “X-mas in a shoebox”), where they collected toys and clothes for over 80 children in Albania. It was a pleasure to help them out. You can view the photos on Facebook.

I hope that all the other Interact Clubs within our multidistrict are also actively planning projects. J We encourage every Interact Club to inform us about their projects and updates on their club-life, so that we can share them in our newsletter. I’m in the process of visiting every Interact Club of the Multidistrict. In case there is any problem and I did not yet have the chance to visit your club yet, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!


What is planned for the near future?

The Interact Multi-District Conference of 2019 will most likely take place on the weekend of the 29th of June to the 1st of July as it is the transition/switchover of the Rotarian year. Location and date are not confirmed yet, but we will be able to confirm them soon.

The summer camp of 2019 will take place in Bosnia Herzegovina, which makes it more accessible for our Bosnian friends. Our Bosnian friends have already started planning and I´m really looking forward to an amazing time!

The annual house building project of the Intarconnect Generation Project will take place in Srebenica (BIH) from the 26.05.2019 till the 01.06.2019. The registration is already online:

Check out their new Video as well:


The newsletter for the next month will inform you of further events, so keep checking your mails!

Best wishes,

Nicolas Flavio Gleissner

Interact Representative for the Multi-District 1910/1920

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