Interact MD 1910/1920 News

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Im einmonatigen Abstand wird der Interact Austria Newsletter mit Neuigkeiten, Terminen und Deadlines der interactischen Welt publiziert. Diese innovative Art der Informationsübermittlung soll Interactern, Rotaractern

sowie Rotariern dazu verhelfen am neuesten Stand zu bleiben. 

Newsletter N°3

t’s a pleasure to see so many IACs organizing social projects during this Christmas time. Throughout my own experiences I can assure anyone ...

Newsletter N°2

What has happened in the past month?

News from various Interact Clubs in our District and what is planned for the near future?

Newsletter N°1

In these monthly newsletters I would like to inform all Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians as well as friends of the Rotary community about...