There are more than 500.000 Interactors in over 22.000 clubs all over the world. Yet, connections between all these clubs are barely ever international. Initiative Interchange is a platform that helps Interactors from all around the world to connect with one another. Our declared goals are developing friendships as well as organizing gettogethers to foster international cooperation.


We would like our cooperation to matter. To this end, every single donation which is collected by the Interact Clubs that are part of our network is used for one shared goal: primary school education for everyone. In an effort to work towards this goal, Initiative Interchange works in cooperation with UNICEF - the United Nations' Children Fund. Thanks to UNICEF's expertise in the field of education and its strong international network, Initiative Interchange and Interact Clubs all around the world can count on a strong partner to achieve our goals.


So far, over 20 Interact Clubs from more than 10 different countries are taking part. If your Interact Club wants to become part of this network to develop connections across borders and support our work in primary education, feel free to join us on

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