Empowering Youth together - the vision 
Founded by Phillip-Sebastian Marchl, Albert E. Kafka und Peter M. Rabensteiner as an answer to the question: „What if?“ What if Rotary, Rotaract, Interact und Rotex were connected more closely? If there was a common place to develop friendships and skills? What if this place was created by the rotarian youth proactively, together? The answer is: Intarconnect

Learning from each other - Mentoring 

Following the example set by Rotary Intarconnect offers a multitude of development opportunities to Rotaractorsand Interactors:


Interactors profit from Rotaractor’sexperience and knowledge, receive support and feedback in matters of university and professional life and may get to know a Rotaract Club more closely


Rotaractors actively serve the youth in their community, develop the next rotariangeneration and stay in contact with today’s youth and their unique world view.

A rotarian community - Generation projects 

Intergenerational projects conducted by Rotary, Rotaract, Interact und Rotex  like building houses for displaced families in Bosnia and Hercegovina – facilitate the exchange between clubs and strengthen our community and it’s service. All district Governors have actively supported our cause of promoting rotarian solidarity.




Intarconnect is a Rotary NPO-Project in the Rotarian Youth Service and in the Multi-District 1910/1920 for Austria and Bosnia and Hercegovina

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